No doubt that it’s royal

The only thing I can say about Royal Velvet is that it is gorgeous. Another one of those must-have polishes <3 I'm also a big fan of Orly's brushes, I love how thin they are, and application is so easy with them (no clean-up needed). The first coat was a bit sheer, but it builds up nicely after the second one (I used three in the end). The duochrome is there, and you can see it perfectly when you get closer to a lamp and try to move your fingers (in a very stupid way btw XD): it turns from blue to purple, and I can't stop staring at them <3
Thumbs up for Royal Velvet girls, it’s a winner!
Oh, about the pictures: what you see is no tipwear, just the mix of 2 top coats I used (NYC + Essence studio nails)…that’s because, when two bottles are almost empty I mix them together, but I didn’t expect that I would  get this effect :(
  • It is gorgeous. <3

    About top coat – Essence Studio Nails Top Sealer shrinks my polishes. Did you have the same problem, when you used him alone or that did’t happened to you?

  • @Taya: yes, it happened to me too, in fact I guess it’s because of this top coat that my polish shrinks, and I hate that! I’m probably going to buy another top coat because this mix does only damage :/

  • lyn

    This is sooooooo gorgeous! It’s one of the nicest blues I’ve seen.

  • WOW, that”s beautiful! Definatlky adding this to my wishlist :)

  • Gorgeous!

  • Ommmmioddddio è stupendo! Muoio dalla voglia di comprarlo! *_*
    E che riflessi… :sbav:

  • Your pictures are so stunning!