Deborah,  O.P.I.

O.P.I. vs Deborah

As soon as I found the new Deborah Pret à porter polishes, I bought two of them. They looked all so amazing that it was definetly hard to choose just two, but I’m sure I’ll go back and buy some more in the next future :)
So, I got home with a baby blue (“Fly High”) and a coral pink (“Blooming Delight”) because I’m already in a spring mood, and I just can’t have enough of pastel creme polishes.
But when I arrived home I remembered that I already had a similar baby blue polish, “What’s with the cattitude?” by O.P.I. I was so curious to see if they were dupes that I took some comparison pictures and this is the result: 
they are not. But they are very close. The only differences I noticed were that the O.P.I. polish is slightly more greenish than the Deborah one, and it’s also a bit dustier. But I guess that for “normal” people they’re pretty much identical :D
I would say that if you don’t own “What’s with the cattitude?”, “Fly high” will be a great alternative. There’s no need to have both of them.
under direct sun light: