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    Sinful colors "Forget now"

    What a marvellous morning! I woke up in a really good mood today :) Yesterday the lovely Dolores (http://colorfulbottle.blogspot.com) published my post for her project Guest nails (if you’re interested, take a look here), and I’m sooooo happy! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then click here and you’ll understand ;)Oh, and I also had to go to the dentist yesterday :/ But it went well, and now I’m completely relaxed (except for all the things I have to study for the upcoming exams >.

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    Pupa and a matte finish

    I wanted to try the matte finish, and that’s what I did. I used a Pupa polish as base (they unfortunately don’t have names) and the essence matte top coat. Well, let me say some things about this: this the application of the Pupa polish was sooooo difficult! the colour was simply too mushy, and I wasn’t able to do a good job :( I don’t know, maybe because it’s a bit older…anyway, after the base I put the top coat on…and, as you can see, some strange stripes appeared on some fingers (index and middle finger). Probably I did something wrong, but it doesn’t look right >.

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    Lovely experiments

    When it came to change my mani, I wanted to try a layering, and I had these two polishes in front of me: Glisten up and No more drama (both from essence). Well, you know what? If you have both too then…overlap them!!! I did it, and the result was amazing (at least for my taste :P)! I don’t know how to describe this colour exactly…I think it’s something like a lila-blue with greenish sparkles in it :) I really really like it :3 I used two coates of No more drama and one of Glisten up: perfect (and a top coat). I think that glisten up is so much…

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    A touch of sparkle

    Again, when you’re bored with the colour on your nails but you don’t want to do a new manicure, then simply add some nail art or layer another polish on the base. That’s what I did with my Innocent: I added two coats of  Space Qeen (by Essence) on one finger per-hand. And I like the result :D

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    Elf "innocent"

    A while ago I decided to buy some Elf nail polishes to see the quality of these products (for only 1.70€ each). I got “Lilac”, “Desert Haze” and this one, “Innocent”. Well, they’re not the best of the best, but they’re not so bad as I thought. About this shade, for me it’s an amazing neutral colour, that matches perfectly with my skin tone :) The application wasn’t that good…I needed three thick coats to get good opacity, but in the end the effect is pretty good! I also used a top coat. Well, for those of you who were thinking about buying or not Elf polishes, I can only…

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    Essence "glisten up!"

    So, here I am again, this time with a colour which is certainly more springish than the last one :P And, guess what? I’t an Essence polish again!! I know, you’re probably bored of seeing always polishes of this brand, but this was the last one I had to try, forgive me!Well, about this manicure…I love it! The colour is an amazing light blue with greenish shimmer in it, and other blue glitters (and the best part is that there are glitters of different sizes *_*)…I’m so sorry that my primitive camera wasn’t able to capture al these shades, but I absolutely recommend this polish to those of you who…