• Looks so festive! I love the matte finish here!

  • Gorgeous alert!

  • Ok, seriously, whenever I see Circus added and mattefied I start drooling. I need to make this kind of combination on my nails ASAP.

  • Iza

    I love it! mattefied glitter look awesome :)

  • wow mi ricordano un quadro di kandinskij, bellissime, ieri finalmente anche io ho trovato questo topper!

  • It looks amazing! I love it

  • wonderful idea, I just got Circus Confetti, I might try something like this!

  • i’ve never been a fan of matt, but i actually really really love this!

    i wish i could find a circus confetti where i live…

  • This looks great! I really need to get a matte top coat.

  • mattified glitter manicures are one of my favs!

  • Thank you girls! :D

  • Hi Elsa, this looks so awesome. I still have to get my hands on that Essence glitter, but it’s sold out everywhere!

    And here the answer to your question on my blog: I bought my Kleancolors at Beautyjoint. It was the first time I ordered there but I’ll purchase from them again in the future. My items arrived within 2 weeks, heavily bubblewrapped! And shipping costs are okay too. Take care!

  • Oh my! I love that! It looks like you had a party on your nails! lol very pretty!

  • I love the combination with the black

  • amazing! :)

  • I love it! (: