itstyle,  Kiko

Pretty polish and…

When I woke up this morning it was snowing again, what an amazing sight :) Sadly, it doesn’t snow so much anymore, but the roofs and the streets are all white.
Anyway, for today I prepared a pretty layering for you guys :) I got some new polishes from this italian brand called itstyle, who’s a sort of Kiko, just smaller, but I really like their products. 
And, guess what? I got some stuff for you too, so expect a little giveaway soon (it’s almost the first anniversary of Like a candy shop!!) :D
Well, the mani I’m showing you has Kiko‘s n.338 as base colour and n.14 from itstyle (no names, what a shame!) on top of it. 
N.14 is a bit sheer, so I used it layered over another colour, but it builds up in two or three coats, so it can be also used alone.
I actually don’t know how to describe it…the base colour has a pearly finish and it almost looks like a duochrome, it’s a mix of a light lavender and a light purple, and it’s packed with a lot of tiny silver glitters. So pretty!
On these pictures you don’t really see how beautiful this polish is, but you have to trust my words :P