Essence,  Pupa

Pupa and a matte finish

I wanted to try the matte finish, and that’s what I did. I used a Pupa polish as base (they unfortunately don’t have names) and the essence matte top coat. Well, let me say some things about this: this the application of the Pupa polish was sooooo difficult! the colour was simply too mushy, and I wasn’t able to do a good job :( I don’t know, maybe because it’s a bit older…anyway, after the base I put the top coat on…and, as you can see, some strange stripes appeared on some fingers (index and middle finger). Probably I did something wrong, but it doesn’t look right >.<
Apart from all this problems, I have to say that I really like the matte finish on dark polishes :) Soon I’ll try other combinations (hoping that I’ll be able to resolve these issues! :P) and then we’ll see :3
So, that’s all! I’m now getting ready for University…see you later!