Kiko,  quando è

Purple zebra

Here I am again, sorry for the absence >.<
Today I show you a mani I’m really loving, and I hope you’ll like it too :)
As base colour I used two coats of the amazing n.293 from Kiko, a true purple polish which already looks gorgeous on its own, but I decided to stamp on it anyway. I used the zebra print from my little Essence stamping plate (actually the only one I own ç__ç) and I used a local drugstore polish, which, let me say, is stunning for stamping!  I love love love the result, and I think it’s kinda delicate because I didn’t use a super light colour for stamping. Sooo pretty *ç*
Well, now I have to go, hope you’re having a nice Saturday! See you soon ;)
(Last picture was taken in the sun!)