Red surprise

Wandering through your blogs i recognised the same feeling that captured me too: the Christmas-feeling :D
You know, December is my favourite part of the year, and I start planning my Christmas holidays long before they actually begin :P I LOVE Christmas, not only because of the gifts (no, I’m not hiding the fact that I like receiving gifts, but I also love doing them!), but because of the lights, the music, the Christmas tree, the snow,…ewwww <3 
And it’s because of this feeling that in these days I’m buying and wearing lots of festive polishes, especially red ones, like the one I’m going to introduce to you right now.
I got it in a chinese store, and first I thought it couldn’t be really a good buy, but it looks like I underestimated it! 
It’s such a gorgeous polish, a jelly red which has great pigmentation and was a dream to apply. I used two coats, but one could have been good too, if you don’t mind a vnl.
I love this, and I think I’m going to buy some more polishes of this brand (which I never heard before), even if the colour range wasn’t incredible.
So, that’s all for today, hope you’re having a great week-end and see you next time! :D