catherine arley,  Kiko

Something blue

 Good afternoon girls :) Today I’m writing this post lying in my bed because yesterday I had a little surgery and I’m not able to sit right now… I really hope this will change in the next few days :/
Anyway, even if I really liked my last mani (with the red polish you saw in the previous post), I had to take the polish off when I got to the hospital. But today I absolutely wanted to paint my nails again, and I chose this Catherine Arley polish I found some days ago in the same shop where I bought the red one.
What can I say about it? Well, as you can see it’s a jelly, and even after three coats you can still see the vnl. But you know what? I don’t care, because apart from being a really nice blue shade, the formula was great and I even liked the brush!
So, here are some pictures of the polish:

 After a while I decided that I wanted to layer some kind of glitters on it, and I went for n.229 from Kiko, which you already saw several times on my blog. It turned out really pretty and I’m happy that my nails are no longer naked :)
Now I’ll rest a bit, tomorrow I have to go back to the hospital for the first medication and it won’t be funny for sure >.< Wish me luck!