South beach pink

Painting my nails and blogging are for me, right now, a way to temporarily forget my pain, and I really appreciate this therapeutic effect.
Today I want to blog again about this pretty pink polish, South Beach Pink from Mavala. You already saw this one a while ago, but I thought it needed a better swatch because of its beauty.
It’s a rich and very bright pink, I just love how it looks on the nails. It has a gorgeous formula too, very smooth, and it covers in just one coat (but I used two anyway).
There is just one thing I don’t like about this brand: the price. Yeah, because a bottle of 5 ml polish costs 5€, not very cheap indeed. I sometimes buy a Mavala polish but only if the colour is really worth it, and I think that for this pink it was.

  • very pretty pink! It looks great with your skin tone!

  • Really pretty!
    Hope you’re getting better soon! :)

  • Looks like candy on you! So pretty. <3

  • Mmmmmm nice candy color! Looks good on you!
    I hope the pain passes as soon as possible..*hug*

  • E’ davvero carino! Qua da me i Mavala costano addirittura 6 euri, per questo ne ho uno solo (che peraltro ha una formula pessima) e non me la sento di rischiare l’acquisto. :D Non fare troppe review positive se no mi viene voglia di comprarli!!!!

  • So bright! so pretty :)

  • What a pretty pink! And I agree, Mavalas are way too overpriced.