Catrice,  Kiko

The dark side

I have nothing really interesting to say today, so I’ll keep this post short, I just want to say a couple of things about today’s mani.
Do you remember what I said about “Posion me, Poison you” (Catrice) in this post? Well, I think I’ve changed my mind :P
It’s still not one of my favourite polishes (because it’s nothing special, I mean, in my opinion it’s not a “whoaaa!” polish) but I kinda like it on my nails! I guess it’s because I’m in a dark mood (only for nail colour, don’t worry XD) and in these days I’m wearing a lot of black, blue, purple.
Anyway, because “Poison me, Poison you” is still a bit too boring for my taste, I thought it was a good idea to spice it up with some shimmer, and it actually was!
So, here it is: two coats of “Poison me, Poison you” and one coat of “229” (Kiko).
Do you like it?

(First two pictures in the shadow, last picture in direct sun)

  • Can you tell us more about the Kiko you used? Is it glass-flecks that I’m seeing or?

  • @marox79: Sorry, sure I can! These are super tiny silver/blue glass flecks; I really love this Kiko polish as topper because I think it looks good on almost every base colour, but it can also be used alone (for example yesterday I did my mom’s manicure with this polish, and it looks so good, because it reflects the light in a very nice way).

  • OMG!!! it is beautiful!!!honey

  • Wow! It looks amazing!

  • Ce l’ho questo! Uno dei primi che comprai, anni fa :D