The perfect couple

My exam is finally over (and it went great!) and so now I still have two weeks to relax before University starts again.
And painting my nails is something that keeps me relaxed :P
I want my package to arrive ç__ç I need new colours, and in particular new fall polishes. For now I have to pick colours from my stash…this one is Chuck and it’s from Essence. I know I’ve already showed this one to you, but, as I told you, I don’t like my old swatches, so I’m taking new and better pictures.
I really really love this colour (in general I’m a fan of blue tones :P), and I think that every polish lover should own one bottle of it!
After one day I decided it was time for some glitter, and I just added one coat of Blair, which is Chuck‘s twin, and the perfect couple (and I’m not just talking about polish! Yes, I watch Gossip Girl). Love it!