This violet stole my heart

Today I wanted to show you again an “old” polish, because the swatch I did the first time wasn’t good enough for such a beauty.
I’m talking about “Knock out violet” from Deborah (Pret à porter collection).
This polish is sooooo beautiful: a dark violet full with blue/purple glitters (or flecks?) you can notice only in the sun. It has a good formula too, I used two coats and I didn’t have to clean imperfections :)
How amazing is that? :D
Well, here are the pictures, hope you’ll like them ;)

Another thing that happened last week is that I cut my hair. Everytime I’m really upset I must do something that makes me feel better with myself, and so this time I decided that I had to do something with my hair! Now it’s really short (perfect for summer) and I also changed a bit my hair colour, so now I can say that I’m blonde again XD
I want to show you a picture, so you can tell me if you like it or not :) Btw I LOVE it!
(And yes, it’s a b&w pic, and that’s because I’m sooooo in love with this kind of photography, so forgive me if you can’t see the hair colour!)