China Glaze

Traffic Jam

This was such a difficult swatch, and not because of the polish (which is amazing btw), but because my camera didn’t want to capture the right colour. I hate when this happens, and it looks like my camera really dislikes pink/red polishes. 
Anyway, I absolutely wanted to show you this polish (again, from the Metro Collection by China Glaze) because it’s definetly one of my favourites to pick when I have no clue which polish to choose; that means that Traffic Jam is always good to wear for me :)
It’s formula is flawless: two coats and super shiny. I was kinda unlucky because I got a bottle with a wrong shaped brush, but that’s not so bad that I can’t handle it.
Last thing to say: I tried to modify the colours a bit to make it look more realistic, but the polish looks a bit more dark and intense in real life. Anyway, I hope you still enjoy my swatch ;)