China Glaze


Hello there! Here I am with my first China Glaze swatch! I can’t believe that I finally own some of their beauties <3 I just love the colours! But I must be honest: I'm not that into their brushes :( They're a bit too large for me, I can't apply the nail polish with precision if the brush isn't small enough.
Anyway, the first polish I tried was Trendsetter, the famous fugly colour from this collection XD I still don’t know if I really like this one or not, but one thing for sure: I hate the brush! I don’t know why, but this one in particular was bigger than the others, and it made the application a nightmare ç__ç
But when I finally made it to complete my manicure, this was the result (attention, picture heavy!):

Well, it’s probably not what you would call a pretty colour, but I guess I’ll wear it more than once :)
And that’s all for today…you’ll see the other polishes in the next days!
Meanwhile, have a great week-end :)

  • That’s very interesting colors. I kinda like it, because it’s different. And the shimmer looks gorgeous.

  • I think this color is definitely one that you are either going to love or not love and you can only tell once you’ve worn it.

    Very nice mani :-)

  • The color is soooo awesome! And I love it on your skintone :).

  • Looks great on you!

  • it really is one of those colours wich i’m note sure of. part of me wants to love it, but for some reason i can’t..

    about the brushes; i hate them too, but i lvoe their colours too much so i keep buyin them :P

  • I love this, a must have for sure. I think you just need to get used to their brushes, they were strange for me too in the beginning now I now just how to make them work.

  • This colour is really fugly, but I do love it and hate it simultaneously :> Try that too :o)

  • You really don’t like the brush? I think it’s one of the best brushes, it’s perfect for me!