Want some teal?

Good morning! Well, I wish it was still night because I’m sooo tired…I had to work last night and tonight again, so I think I’ll just take a nap this afternoon to recover properly :P

So, for today I’ve got another nice Essence polish: “Let’s get lost“.
I was afraid of trying this polish because I thought it would stain my nails, but at the same time I wanted to swatch it sooo badly,  and so…here it is, finally!
What to say about it? First of all, the formula was as good as the other Essence polishes (from the Colour&go collection) and it’s also a one coater (yeahy!). The colour is so vibrant, and I would say it’s a teal shade (I’m so sure it will stain my poor nails ç___ç).
So, nothing bad about it! But I couldn’t just leave it like this, and so I added a coat of “Choose me!” on top, and the result is amazing! Unfortunately the picture of this layering isn’t so accurate, so you must trust my words XD
Stop talking, here are a few pictures:

  • Gorgeous blue. And with Choose me is a perfect combination.

  • Che base usi sotto lo smalto? Io uso la classica della Essence con la boccetta bianca e non ho mai avuto uno smalto che mi macchiasse le unghie!

  • Haha, you won’t believe it! I was tempted by your swatches of Essence’s Wake Up!, went to the shop, grabbed it and also put Let’s Get Lost to basket :o) Tangerine orange looks crappy on me (I knew that before, but your nails were sooo stunning!), damn!

  • It looks great with Choose Me over it :)

  • wow such a beautiful teal… love this combination!

  • The combination with Choose Me is awesome!

  • I’d rather call it a blue than a teal, but either way it is really pretty :-) and suits you so good! I’m in love with your nubbins btw! :-D

  • I love it! I think it looked gorgeous by itself, but Choose Me took it over the top.

  • I have 0 Essence polishes but you are really convincing me that I need a bunch of them!

  • I like Let’s get lost on its own!

    And yay! I’ve just bought Choose Me! can’t wait to try it on ;D

  • o.O I need to try this ASAP. I love it! And usually when the pics aren’t 100% color accurate that means the mani is even MORE awesome, so it’s really a must to try it out. :) Thanks for the idea!